adi.cn0511 module

class adi.cn0511.cn0511(uri='')

Bases: ad9166

CN0511 Raspberry Pi Hat Signal Generator

property amp_enable

amp_enable: Enable or Disable the CN0511 ad9166 amplifier

property amplitude_cal

amplitude_cal: CN0511 amplitude calibration


True: If you set this to true, the output is calibrated. False: Nothing happens.

property board_calibrated

board_calibrated: 1 if board was calibrated in production, 0 if board was not calibrated in production

property calibrated_output

calibrated_output: [“desired_output_amplitude_in_dbm”, “desired_output_frequency_in_Hz”]]

property trim_frequency_raw

trim_frequency_raw: modify output frequency of cn0511 in small steps