class adi.cn0554.cn0554(uri='ip:analog.local')

Bases: object

CN0554 Mixed Signal Raspberry Pi Hat


dac_out_channels: DAC channel names derived from onboard LTC2688.

convert_to_volts(in_voltage, channel)

Convert ADC data using scale factors based on header configuration


out_reference: DAC voltage reference in Volts. Valid values are 4.096 and 2.5.

property in_channels

Get number of ADC input channels

property in_scale

in_scale: unitless scale factor based on onboard resistor divider

property out_channels

Get number of DAC output channels

property out_reference

Get voltage reference used for DAC channels


Get data from enabled ADC channels

property rx_buffer_size

Get number of datapoints used during capture

property rx_enabled_channels

Get list of enabled input adc channels

property rx_output_type

Get value of CN0554’s rx output type (raw or SI)

property sample_rate

Get CN0554’s AD7124 sampling rate