adi.adg2128 module

class adi.adg2128.adg2128(uri='')

Bases: attribute, context_manager

ADG2128 cross point switch.


Add device by its i2c address.

Multiple devices may be added provided they all have their Y terminals connected (common Y configuration). 1x adg2128 is represented by a 12 by 8 matrix 2x adg2128 is represented by a 24 by 8 matrix …

Arguments: addr - device address on i2c bus

property immediate

Specify whether the writing of a switch is immediate or not.

When it’s not immediate, the new switch configuration is only latched into the device (see LDSW in datasheet).


Open all switches.

For each device, iterate all x-y combinations and open all the switches at once.

class adi.adg2128.yline(dev, x, line)

Bases: object