class adi.cn0540.cn0540(uri='')

Bases: rx, context_manager

CN0540 CBM DAQ Board

property fda_disable_status

fda_disable_status: Amplifier disable status

property fda_mode

fda_mode: Amplifier mode. Options are low-power or full-power

property input_voltage

input_voltage: Input voltage in mV from ADC before shift voltage applied

property monitor_powerup

monitor_powerup: Shutdown pin is tied to active-low inputs

property red_led_enable

red_led_enable: Enable red LED on board

property sample_rate

sample_rate: Sample rate in samples per second. Valid options are: ‘256000’,’128000’,’64000’,’32000’,’16000’,’8000’,’4000’,’2000’,’1000’

property sensor_voltage

sensor_voltage: Sensor voltage in mV read from ADC after biasing

property shift_voltage

shift_voltage: Shift voltage in mV from LTC2606 to bias sensor data

property sw_cc

sw_cc: Enable SW_CC. This will also illuminate the blue LED.

property sw_ff_status

sw_ff_status: Fault flag status


Wrapper for set calls which require the SPI engine. Without disabling the buffer the DMA would block forever