adi.ad9166 module

class adi.ad9166.ad9166(uri='')

Bases: attribute, context_manager

AD9166 Vector Signal Generator

property FIR85_enable

FIR85_enable: AD9166 FIR85 Filter Enable:


True: FIR85 Filter is enabled False: FIR85 Filter is disabled

channel = []
property frequency

frequency: AD916x channel nco frequency value in hz.

property nco_enable

nco_enable: AD9166 NCO Modulation Enable:


True: NCO Modulation is enabled False: NCO Modulation is disabled

property raw

raw: AD916x channel raw value. Integer range 0-32767.

property sample_rate

sample_rate: Sets sampling frequency of the AD916x

property sample_rate_available
property temperature

temperature: Returns the AD916x Chip Temperature in Celsius

property temperature_cal

temperature_cal: AD9166 Chip Temperature single point calibration value. Enter the ambient temperature in degree Celsius.

property temperature_code

temperature_code: Returns the AD916x Chip Temperature ADC code

property temperature_enable

temperature_enable: AD9166 Chip Temperature Measurement Enable


True: Temperature measurement is enabled False: Temperature measurement is disabled

property tx_enable

tx_enable: AD9166 TX Enable


True: TX is enabled (Datapath is connected to DAC) False: TX is disabled or (DAC input is zeroed)