class adi.adl5960.adl5960(uri='', device_name='')

Bases: adi.attribute.attribute, adi.context_manager.context_manager

ADL5960 10 MHz to 20 GHz, Integrated Vector Network Analyzer Front-End

uri: type=string

URI of IIO context with ADL5960

property forward_gain

Get/Set Forward Gain

property if_filter_cutoff

Get/Set LPF 3db cutoff frequency (controls CIF1, CIF2)

property if_frequency

Get/Set the IF frequency in Hz

property lo_frequency

Get/Set the frequency in Hz

property lo_mode

Get/Set LO mode

property lo_mode_available

Get available LO modes

property offset_frequency

Get/Set the offset frequency in Hz

property offset_mode

Get/Set offset mode

property offset_mode_available

Get available offset modes

property reflected_gain

Get/Set Reflected Gain


Direct Register Access via debugfs

reg_write(reg, value)

Direct Register Access via debugfs

property temperature

Get the temperature reading in °C