User Guide#

Analog Devices Inc. provides FPGA reference designs for selected hardware featuring some of our products interfacing to publicly available FPGA evaluation boards.

This documentation explains the HDL resources of these reference designs.


  1. Introduction

  2. HDL Git repository: Our HDL GitHub repository

  3. Releases: Releases and supported tool versions

  4. Build a HDL project: Building and generating the programming files

  5. HDL Architecture: HDL project architecture explained

  6. ADI IP cores: List of IP cores and IP guides.

  7. Porting ADI’s HDL reference designs: How to port a project to a non-supported carrier

  8. Customize HDL projects: Using and modifying the HDL design

  9. ADI HDL coding guidelines: The Verilog/VHDL coding guidelines that the HDL team follows

  10. Documentation guidelines: Documentation guidelines

  11. Contributing to HDL repository: How to contribute to our HDL repository

  12. Third party forks: Third party forks with derived work

  13. Reference designs using AMD Xilinx hardware

  14. Reference designs using Intel hardware