Documentation guidelines#

This documentation is built with Sphinx and all source code is available at the path docs.

To contribute to it, open a pull request with the changes to this repository, just make sure to read the general Documentation guidelines first and the additional guidelines below specific to the HDL repository.


Templates are available:

Remove the :orphan: in the first line, it is to hide the templates from the TOC tree, and make sure to remove any placeholder text and instructive comment.


The old wiki uses dokuwiki. When importing text from there, consider pandoc and the tips accross the Documentation guidelines to convert it to reST.

Common sections#

The More information and Support sections that are present in the HDL project documentation, are actually separate pages inserted as links. They’re located at hdl/projects/common/more_information.rst and /support.rst, and cannot be referenced here because they don’t have an ID at the beginning of the page, so not to have warnings when the documentation is rendered that they’re not included in any toctree.

They are inserted like this:

.. include:: ../common/more_information.rst

.. include:: ../common/support.rst

And they will be rendered as sections of the page.